TAIBU Community Health Centre

TAIBU Community Health Centre (CHC) is a multidisciplinary, non-for-profit, community led organization established to serve the Black Community across the Greater Toronto Area as its priority population. We are located in the Malvern neighbourhood of Scarborough in Ontario. TAIBU also serves all the residents of the Malvern neighbourhood bounded by McCowan Rd to the West, Pickering Town line to the East, Highway 401 to the South and Steeles Avenue to the North.

Scarborough Arts

We are one of Toronto’s six Local Arts Service Organizations (LASOs) mandated to serve the Scarborough region by offering inclusive, low-barrier and community-driven arts and cultural programming and services. We prioritize equity-seeking groups and serve children, youth, adults, seniors and families from a broad demographic spectrum. We bring artists to the community and community to the arts.

Jumblies Theatre

Jumblies is a Toronto-based organization with a national and international reach that engages in collaborations between professional artists and diverse people and communities, and mentors and supports others to do so. Jumblies expands where art happens, who gets to be part of it, what form it takes and which stories it tells. This imperative has led us outside of specialized art places, and to place participation and radical inclusion at the core of our projects. We say Everyone is welcome! and embrace the joys and challenges, social and aesthetic, of meaning or trying to mean it.


MABELLEarts works hand in hand with Mabelle Avenue residents to unlock the creative potential of our neighborhood and the world around us.

Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence

We generate creative new ways of framing, training for, and solving complex social and public problems, using artistic intelligence. We convene multi-sectoral teams led by professional artists to develop experimental approaches informed by diverse bodies of knowledge and modes of thinking. We emphasize artistic methods. The world’s intangible wisdoms are collected and passed on through artistic and cultural practice. We offer The Imagination Audit for government, non-profit, and socially-oriented enterprises. This qualitative and quantitative process helps describe and effectively leverage imagination in teams.

Craft Ontario

Craft Ontario is a registered charitable organization under the legal name Ontario Crafts Council (118878511RR0001), founded in 1976 as a merger between the Canadian Guild of Crafts (1931) and the Ontario Craft Foundation (1966). Based in Toronto since its inception, Craft Ontario currently offers programs and services to 1300 members across Ontario, 1000 of which are professional craft artists, businesses, galleries, guilds and organizations.
As a multi-disciplinary craft organization devoted to the support, advocacy and promotion of Ontario craft and craft artists, Craft Ontario operates in four parts: (1) as an art service provider, (2) presentation space, (3) publisher, and (4) retailer.